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About MediaCan

MediaCan received initial funding in 2001 from CanWest Global Communications Corp. and is currently developing fundraising and partnership programs. We are committed to extending community and public access to education in Canadian Media Studies, and to providing a distinctly Canadian perspective on culture and communications in a global context.

The site serves users including:

  • Canadian and international academic faculty, students and researchers in Communication Studies, Canadian Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Film and Media Studies, International Relations and other disciplines

  • Administrators, educators and students of Canadian history, social studies, popular culture, and mass media at the senior elementary and secondary level

  • Members of the public interested in the study of culture and communication

  • Members of the professional media, journalism and arts communities

Focus Areas

  • Academic research and study programs

  • Canadian and international media websites

  • Canadian communications and media policy

  • Community and alternative mass media

  • Information resources, learning repositories and database

Project Outlook

The current site is the first phase of an initiative to promote Canadian Media Studies worldwide. In its initial phase, MediaCan is a point of entry to the Canadian mediascape, providing coherent pathways through a network of information resources on university, industry, government, and community sites.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

MediaCan invites inquiries exploring partnership and sponsorship arrangements from the media industry community. We would also like to hear ideas from other public institutions about partnership in the site's development. Please contact Karen Wall.


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